Crystal City Chronicle
Sp.1 – The Ripper
  • Dirty rain fell on the street by the time Blindfire and Celeritas left {Trash Talk’s}. Blindfire was totally drunk, having drank too much in celebration of the completion of the Shinsen Tower.

    Shinsen Tower was the first building that had  been started construction after Atorasu took over the lead of Crystal City’s rebuild. It took 10 long years to complete, with many new settlements being completed around the tower long ahead of the tower itself. This urban area had became the new Crystal City’s center. {Trash Talk’s}, the only bar within any great distance, became the regular gathering place for the local citizens.


    “You drank too much.” Celeritas was trying to help Blindfire stand, but was drunkenly pushed away.

    “No! I am fine! I am just…testing my auto balance system, I am totally fine!”

    “Are you sure? Sonic Drill is calling me to the lab; can you walk back to the barracks on your own?”

    “Come on! You are so annoying…..I am fine by myself, just leave me alone!”

    “OKOK, just promise me not to drink anymore.”


    Celeritas transformed into vehicle form and left. Blindfire felt short circuits buzzing in the back of his head. He stumbled into a dark alley and threw up the enerhol he just took.


    “Damn….I really drank too much….”

    When he staggered to a stand, he noticed a very dim shadow at the end of the alley. He thought he was hallucinating, but the shadow appeared to be getting larger and it seemed to be approaching him.


    Celeritas? Is that you? I told you I am fine…..”

    Blindfire rubbed his eyes for a better look. The shadow became a caped bot’, with something shinny on his arm. A cold, purplish light caught Blindfire’s attention. It was a laser blade!


    Before Blindfire could even react, the assassin dashed toward him. He was so fast that his movement made it look like he just vanished. But the next second Blindfire’s chest armor was cut though with the laser blade. Slipping backward just enough so that the cut was not too deep, Blindfire was shocked at how close that was to a more  damaging hit. It was pure luck that helped him survive the attack.


    “Who the hell are you?” Blindfire drew his own blades out from his back and settled into combat posture. The sudden attack somewhat cleared his enerhol clouded mind and he tried to focus his attention on the assassin. But as before, the assassin seemed to vanish into nothingness.



    Blindfire barely blocked the attack from above. In fact if it was not for his own instinct he would not have even caught his opponent’s move.  It was everything he could do just to defend himself. There wasn’t any time to think, each attack from the assassin was getting more frequent and and more heavy.




    The blade cut though the rain and clashed on another blade. Blindfire was trying his best to defend himself, but the attacker’s blades were getting closer and closer to his throat, and he was getting more and more wounds from the relentless onslaught.


    “Damn it!” Blindfire got mad and charged his blades with fire.
    Flame Blade Rangeki!”


    Blindfire unleashed his killing blow. He brandished his blades quickly and the fire on his blades scattered all around him, leaving numerous trace of flame on the ground and the walls near him. One of the flames hit an enerhol tank nearby and ignited it into a huge ball of fire. Blindfire was knocked back by the blast.


    Standing in front of the fire from the explosion, the assassin stood with conviction. His cape was torn as he dodged Blindfire’s attack, unveiling his body. As the rest of the cape was burned and fell to the ground, Blindfire slowly recognized his assailant’s face. He could not believe what he saw – it was Blindfire himself!


    Although the color on his body was different, darker, it was definitely himslef standing there. Blindfire was shocked into submission. The assassin walked slowly with purpose toward Blindfire and raised his blade.


    Footsteps came running into the ally, the explosion had caught the attention of every  bot nearby and everyone was rushing to the scene. The assassin noticing all the people lowered his blade and leaned in close to Blindfire.


    “You are lucky to survive……….” He had a low and husky voice.

    Blindfire…….Your core belongs to me……..and I will collect it at any time……any moment….”


    More and more bots started to fill the alley. Blindfire tried to stand but his legs just would not respond. He saw the assassin just vanish into the crowd.



    “You know, your testimony is very unconvincing” Metal Storm was taking some notes on his mini screen while Sonic Drill was fixing Blindfire’s wounds. “Can’t you think of any better excuses?”


    “I am telling the truth! I was attacked by someone look exactly the same as me!”


    “So…you claimed that you were attacked by yourself?”


    “No, his color is different. But his move, his attacks, they were so similar to mine, just faster and more ruthless,”


    “HAHAHAHAHA” Celeritas laughed. “Bro, you really drank too much.”


    “No! Look at these wounds! How can you explain the cuts?”


    “I think you were so drunk that you fired on the enerhol tank, and the explosion’s shrapnel cut you.” Overheat interrupted. “What an idiot.”


    “No! Damn it! You guys have to listen to me……”


    “Enough!” Metal Storm showed his anger with his remark.

    “You are going to clean the recycling chamber for 2 weeks!”He finished his notes and closed the screen. “And no more enerhol until I say so! Dismissed!”


    Metal Storm and the others left the room and closed the door, leaving the confused Blindfire inside.
    “I was….I was telling the truth…….”



    At the top of Shinsen Tower, four caped bots were standing watch over the newly built Crystal City, the assassin appeared in the shadows and then steped forward.


    “So you have failed…….”


    “My apologies, master.” The assassin lowered his head in shame. ”But I think we have to be cautious, it is too early to reveal ourselves……”


    “You are right, we cannot risk exposing ourselves. There will be plenty of chances……..”

    The caped master turned around.
    “You will have your chance again. You won’t let me down TWICE, Ripper


    “I promise you I will not fail next time…..Master Gluttony.


Crystal City Chronicle
Being the first serial story based on Maketoys’ characters, “Crystal City Chronicle” will be a Trilogy – “Sparks of Warriors”, “Fall of Crystal City”, and “Legend of Mobinron”. The first title “Sparks of Warriors” will be published irregularly