All sales are final. If a product has a factory-defective part on arrival of your shipment, we will make every attempt to send you a replacement part. If it is determined that there is no replacement part for a particular product, you will have the option to return the original product for a full refund or for a replacement product. You have a period of 30 days after receiving your products to inform us of any issues. After 30 days, only replacement products will be considered and is limited to our inventory on hand. Again, we will make every attempt to rectify any issues with your product, but due to high demands and limited production, we cannot guarantee replacement availability beyond 30 days of the arrival of your product.


Products are only eligible for replacement or refund if the original product was damaged from our factory. Any intentional or accidental damage caused by use of the product will be considered end user damage and it will be at the sole discretion of whether or not to accept a replacement claim on such an item.


Please note that if you are returning an item to, you are responsible for all shipping costs involved in shipping the product back to us. We are not responsible for any lost pacakages, so if you are unsure of the reliability of your shipping service, please purchase additional insurance to cover the item in transit. Upon shipping of your replacement part / product back to you, MakeToys will cover all shipping costs and insurance on your replacement shipment.


Please use the Replacement Parts Program email on for all claims and issues with your order. Also include all important information such as order number and product in question to expidite your claim and avoid any complications.

All ourbound deliveries will be done through the Hong Kong postal service either using e-post or one of their other parcel services, UPS or EMS services. Tracking numbers for all orders will be provided by email at the time the item is shipped. Once an order has been shipped MakeToys is not responsible for lost or damaged items due to the postal service. We will assist in making a claim if there are issues but it is up to the consumer to follow up on these claims and issues.


Customs charges are solely the customer’s responsibility. All outgoing orders must have values declared for Customs at their actual retail price. We cannot omit or make false claims on behalf of our customers as this can compromise our ability to ship through these channels if we are ever flagged for making false claims.


Customer orders are shipped within 5 business days after the items arrive in our warehouses.