100% Gaurantee


MakeToys is well known for a few things. First is their unique style on their figures. The second is the quality of their products.

We here at MakeToys believe in our items and we believe in the quality of their construction. Because of this we are proud to introduce a new program to our MakeToys Shop, the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On select items in the MT Shop we will provide our guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase fully or we will refund you your purchase in full. You can now make your purchase feeling fully confidant that if you were to not be satisfied with your purchase you will be able to return it without any problems.

Only items with the MakeToys 100% Guarantee logo are included in this promotion. If you are unsure if the item you want is included please ask at info@maketoys.jp to make sure.

When you purchase one of our guaranteed items, if you are not satisfied with the item you can return it for a full refund of your purchase price and original shipping. Return shipping to us will be the responsibility of the individual and won’t be refunded┬áby MakeToys. All refunds will be provided through Paypal as a returned payment. Customers have 14 days to try their items and decide if they want to keep the item or return it. Please use the email info@maketoys.jp┬áto initiate a return within the 14 day time frame. Please quote your order number when emailing.

All returned must be received before we will provide the refund and items must be returned in good working order. Broken and damaged items are not included in this refund program.