Battle Tankes Series - MT-04B
Nemesis Replacement Box

Replacement box for your Nemesis figure.

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Product Description

We understand that the shipping box sent out for Nemesis was insufficient for shipping out these figures and understand the hurt and anguish many collectors went through when receiving damaged boxes. We do apologize for this oversight of ours and we hope we can help with an offer of free boxes as a replacement.

We will have some new boxes printed and ready for delivery to all those who wish to have a new mint box for their figures. The boxes themselves are free but there is a processing charge that will be associated with it due to our outside party processing. You can order up to 10 boxes for a flat rate processing fee of $12. You will be shipped the box and ONLY the box. There is no figure and no insert included with this item. We have made the rate 10 boxes in the hopes that people can band together and order many boxes at one time and then distribute among friends instead of everyone having to make a single order with one box in it. If you can find people within your community band together on this then we are coming together even more as a fandom.

We will only be accepting orders from now until June 15th. Once June 15th has passed we will no longer be taking any new orders for boxes for the Nemesis figures. This is a one time offer and unfortunately we will be unable to fulfill any ‘received my boxes damaged again’ requests. We will ship these out with protection to ensure they do not get damaged in delivery but unfortunately we can not account for all mail mishaps. Please order only this item with any order placed. Any orders made with more than one item on it will have to be cancelled. Thanks for all your understanding.

If you have any further questions please send us an email at with your inquiries. They will be answered as soon as possible.


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