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Hellfire – Emergency Relief Edition

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We want to thank everyone  who helped us with the Hellfire Exclusive for the Fort McMurrary Wildfires. We have finished the campaign and will be sending in our donation to the Emergency Red Cross. Thank you everyone to find it within your hearts to help those in need. 


Currently Fort McMurrary in Alberta Canada is burning due to an out of control wildfire. More than 80,000 people have been evacuated from the city and over 2400 structures in the city have been effected. 

We want to help with the Red Cross relief for this disaster with a special offer from MakeToys. We will have a limited number of Hellfire available for sale with a limited edition sticker that says you helped with the Fort McMurrary wild fire red cross relief. All monies collected from this limited edition will be sent to the Red Cross relief fund and used for the displaced families who have lost their homes and to the firefighters who are risking their lives to help others.


Please do not use the deluxe shipping method for this figure as we will be making sure each order is packed well and safe.


We want to thank you for your help and your support in this time of need.


You can see some of the effects of this figure and other fire information here:
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