Manga Mech Series
MM-02 /

Rearend is an animated little guy with lots of expression.


Rearend comes with:

  • crying head
  • mangled legs

Also included with this set is the Hurricane Add on Kit. Rearend and the Hurricane kit are all combined in one package.


MM-02 Rearend Manualthumb

Click the above image for a larger view of Rearend’s instruction manual.

Manga Mech Series
Manga Mech Series
Manga Mech Series is a new series releasing manga-styled characters. The first item in this series is the Trash Talk and Cogwheel Set. Instead of integrating all accessories into the figure, Manga Mech Series provides extra accessories to increase the play value of the set. The transformation is simplified on purpose, yet still retaining the excellent articulation. Fun to Play and Fun to Watch, this is what the Manga Mech Series is determined to deliver.