Mobine Series
MB-01 /
Paladin / Chaos

The core figure “Paladin” transform into a double barreled tank. The missile launchers can be disassembled into many optional parts and weapons, which can all be installed on paladin at will.


With the missile launcher parts attached to the core mode, Paladin transforms into the relenless Chaos. Chaos is around 19 cm tall and he is fully articulated. He can wield the double barrel cannon and the combined board sword from Paladin.

MB-01 Paladin_Chaos Manual thumb

Click the image for a full size version of the Paladin Instructions.

Mobine Series
Mobine Series
Mobine series is a new attempt for the collector toy market. Apart from the usual two-modes transformation or combining robot, Mobine offers the fun of transformation AND customization all in one, with a basic figure and optional additional parts.