Battle Tanker Series
MT-03 /

The Mysterious Guardian!


Hypernovae was our first online exclusive item. It shares a few parts from the MT-02 Battle tanker, but with a newly designed core figure.


The core figure has become the new standard of the Battle Tanker Series. It also shares the 3-step upgrade configuration – the basic form, the power up form and the Ultimate form.


A transparent orange wing enhancing effect plastic model kit is included for the first release limited edition.


MT-03 Hypernovae Manual thumb

Click the above image for a large version of the Instructions.

Battle Tanker Series
Battle Tanker Series
The Battle Tanker series is based on the Battle Tanker Add-on Set released in 2010. It was initially an add-on to an existing product. Later a stand-alone core figure was developed and full figure sets have been released. The completed set consists of a Truck that can be transformed into a core robot, and a Tanker/container that can turn into armor and a heavy weapon backpack for the core robot.