MTCombiner Series
MTCM-02 /
Giant Type 61

Prepare for extermination!!!


Giant Type 61 is the mass production version of Giant.


Type 61 features a few distinct features from Giant. He has a new head sculpt, with movable jaw and goggles. The crane can be removed and combined with the Mega Cannon to form the Giga Wrench, and act as a melee weapon for Type 61. in addition to the the above upgrades, Type 61 has different paint and deco compared to Giant.


MTCM-02 Giant Type61 Manual thumb

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MTCombiner Series
MTCombiner Series
MTCombiner Series is one of the main product lines from Maketoys – MT Combiners consist of multiple transforming robots and each robot has their own vehicle form. Every member of the Combiners features great articulation and body proportions. State-of-art mechanisms are applied to ensure the combined mode's stability and articulation.