Citybot Series
MCB-02D /

The perfect balance of Size, Detail and Complexity!

Didtopia – the Theophany Interspace Colonization Ship

The robot mode of Distopia has a head-to toe height of 40cm, and it has excellent articulation. Oversized ratcheting mechanism enhances the stability of the figure’s posture.

He can also transform into the colonization ship mode, which has a total length of 55cm


MCB-02 Utopia Manual thumb

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Citybot Series
Citybot Series
The Citybots Series aims to deliver Mega city that can act as a backdrop by itself. Every Citybot has at least 3 modes – Robot mode, Vehicle mode and City mode. With huge amounts of details and an exaggerated size of the robot, the Citybot is an ultimate series that any base-lover cannot miss.