Citybot Series
MCB-03P /
Devil Stinger

Using the same mold and Pandinus, Devil Stinger is the black, more evil version.

Devil Stinger has be modified with a new Helmet for the Head portion of the figure and he now sports longer claw extensions, a more stinger like tail and a large sceptoer that can also be attached to his new longer claws or his newly designed tail.

Devil Stinger will use the same instructions as Pandinus with only a few added steps for the tail and for attaching the claws. You can view the Pandinus Manual by clicking the instructions image below.

Click the above image for a larger size of the Pandinus instruction manual.

Citybot Series
Citybot Series
The Citybots Series aims to deliver Mega city that can act as a backdrop by itself. Every Citybot has at least 3 modes – Robot mode, Vehicle mode and City mode. With huge amounts of details and an exaggerated size of the robot, the Citybot is an ultimate series that any base-lover cannot miss.