Battle Tanker Series
MT-05CS /
Battle Sentinel

The Milestone of Battle tanker series – Battle Sentinel


Years ago, Maketoys released the Battle Tanker Add-on kit. However, the Kit was only an add-on set without the core figure. With the core figure developed from Hypernovae, We are finally able to complete the product, as well as the character himself – Battle Sentinel.


The core figure “Gento” can transform into a truck. With the armor parts provided by the battle tanker, Gento can power up to Battle Sentinel. Battle Sentinel’s armament includes two double barrel blasters, two 3-pack missile launchers, and the Sword of Pneuma. The battle tanker can further transform into Missile Launcher mode and combined with Battle Sentinel to form the Ultimate Mode!


The Battle sentinel is available in both completed set and core figure Gento. The core figure is fully compatible to the MT-01 Battle tanker add-on.


Click the above image for a large version of the instructions.


Battle Tanker Series
Battle Tanker Series
The Battle Tanker series is based on the Battle Tanker Add-on Set released in 2010. It was initially an add-on to an existing product. Later a stand-alone core figure was developed and full figure sets have been released. The completed set consists of a Truck that can be transformed into a core robot, and a Tanker/container that can turn into armor and a heavy weapon backpack for the core robot.