MTCombiner Series
MTCM-04a /

The next MT combiner is under development! It will be the great Guardia! He will be a 5-member combiner, similar to Quantron. We are revealing the prototype of first two members: Axle and Rover. Their alternate modes are police motorcycle and police cruiser respectively. The other three will be the Fire Engine, the ambulance and the rescue helicopter.

We have significantly increased the size of every limb members for a better playing experience, while keeping the combined form’s height at ~30CM so that it can match the scale of Quantron and Giant.


MTCM-04 A Axle Manualthumb

Click on the above image for a large version of the instructions.

MTCombiner Series
MTCombiner Series
MTCombiner Series is one of the main product lines from Maketoys – MT Combiners consist of multiple transforming robots and each robot has their own vehicle form. Every member of the Combiners features great articulation and body proportions. State-of-art mechanisms are applied to ensure the combined mode's stability and articulation.