Citybot Series
MCB-01 /
Armageddon Kit

First item of Citybot Series!

Combine the city elements to form the Armageddon and protect the Crystal City!


Appeared in the prequel of Crystal City Chronicle, The Armageddon Kit consists of numerous city elements like railways, launch site and a spot light. Combined with the core figure (not included) to form the mighty Armageddon!


The Arm Cannon and Spot Light contain LED for lighting function.


MCB-01 Armageddon Kit Manual thumb

Click the above image for a large version of the Armageddon Add-On Kit instructions.

Citybot Series
Citybot Series
The Citybots Series aims to deliver Mega city that can act as a backdrop by itself. Every Citybot has at least 3 modes – Robot mode, Vehicle mode and City mode. With huge amounts of details and an exaggerated size of the robot, the Citybot is an ultimate series that any base-lover cannot miss.