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    Battle Tanker Series
    The Battle Tanker series is based on the Battle Tanker Add-on Set released in 2010. It was initially an add-on to an existing product. Later a stand-alone core figure was developed and full figure sets have been released. The completed set consists of a Truck that can be transformed into a core robot, and a Tanker/container that can turn into armor and a heavy weapon backpack for the core robot.
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    Citybot Series
    The Citybots Series aims to deliver Mega city that can act as a backdrop by itself. Every Citybot has at least 3 modes – Robot mode, Vehicle mode and City mode. With huge amounts of details and an exaggerated size of the robot, the Citybot is an ultimate series that any base-lover cannot miss.
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    Cross Dimension
    Across Dimensions and across Time. Will it be enough to stop the Evil?
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    Manga Mech Series
    Manga Mech Series is a new series releasing manga-styled characters. The first item in this series is the Trash Talk and Cogwheel Set. Instead of integrating all accessories into the figure, Manga Mech Series provides extra accessories to increase the play value of the set. The transformation is simplified on purpose, yet still retaining the excellent articulation. Fun to Play and Fun to Watch, this is what the Manga Mech Series is determined to deliver.
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    Microbot Series
    Being the first product released by Maketoys, Microbot series is a mini-series that is aimed at a small figure design with simple transformation and limited articulation.
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    Mobine Series
    Mobine series is a new attempt for the collector toy market. Apart from the usual two-modes transformation or combining robot, Mobine offers the fun of transformation AND customization all in one, with a basic figure and optional additional parts.
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    MTCombiner Series
    MTCombiner Series is one of the main product lines from Maketoys – MT Combiners consist of multiple transforming robots and each robot has their own vehicle form. Every member of the Combiners features great articulation and body proportions. State-of-art mechanisms are applied to ensure the combined mode's stability and articulation.
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    RE:Master Series
    "Re:master " , in a time where scale is everything.....Re:master is a new series to bring a new twist, new gimmicks, and maybe even a new scale to the world of transforming robots. An instant classic to an already bright and vibrant world of robots, we hope Re:master will have a place in everyone's hearts......and on their shelves!