Maketoys Side Story – The Ripper
By Maketoys Creative Team

It was a dark and stormy night. After celebrating the completion of the Shinsen Tower, Blindfire and Celeritas come stumbling out from [Trash Talk’s]. Blindfire, a lightweight, was so drunk his vision blurred. Celeritas left him as he was called away by Sonic Drill to accompany him at the Lab. Blindfire attempted the walk back to the barracks alone.

As Blindfire walked past a dark alley, a caped assassin burst out of the shadows and attacked him. The assassin was using two bladed tonfas, much the same as himself. Blindfire took damage from this attack and drew his own two blades to fight. Blindfire felt a sense of dejavu as the way this assassin moved was very similar to his own, but faster and much more ruthless………

to be continued