We must thank you for your Support

Dear MakeToys Supporters

We must thank everyone for your support for MakeToys over the years. Without our supporters we would not be where we are at today and it is appreciated more than can be imagined.

Please understand that us here at MakeToys do exactly that, we make toys. We are very passionate about our toys and love to hear when our supporters are also happy with our toys. The MakeToys Exclusive Shop is a new thing for us and while we are good at making toys, we are still very inexperienced at actually selling them. We have started this with consultations and we have enlisted the assistance of another party to work with us with orders, shipping and service for our items. With each release we are learning more about how to operate and how to deal with issues that come up, both with our own items and with dealing with outer forces such as postal issues and delivery problems. Believe us when we say that we really are trying to find a solution that can cover all instances; good products, good service and fairness worldwide for our supporters.

First to address is the $12 that is required for the ‘free’ box. This $12 is not our fee but the fee that goes to the party that is handling our services. They are requiring a fee for each transaction that occurs and that fee is the $12. The costs of the boxes, the costs of delivery and any Paypal charges are actually coming right from our own expenses in an effort to express how unhappy we are with the outcome of this delivery. We hope that it is understood that we know we failed in the production of our shipping boxes and that we really would like to do what we can to make it right with everyone.

Because of the fee that is involved we thought it would be good to be able to offer more quantity for the boxes in an effort for the community to organize within same areas to order more boxes as a group, this way making an attempt to make the fee less overall. If 10 people were to get together and order as a group then the fee would only be $1.20 per person instead of the entire $12. We know that not everyone can get a group together like this but we are hoping that people can find a way to work together and be able to save on the processing fee.

We would like to express our deepest apologies to our supporters on our failure with the Nemesis shipping box and really would like our supporters to know that we are working very hard to overcome these issues to make future offerings better, simpler and safer for everyone. We ask that you have faith in our ability to learn as we grow and that in the future we will be as good at selling toys as we are at making toys.

We appreciate the opportunities you give to us to continue to create new concepts and ideas in toy form for our supporters.