The New MakeToys App

MakeToys is pleased to announce that we are bringing you an app for the full MakeToys experience. Now you can download MakeToys to your phone and have access to any and all the latest that MakeToys has to offer. New product announcements, instruction guides, product photos and more to come all at your fingertips any time you want.

This easy to use App will give you complete access to all of the product photos for each of MakeToys’ offerings, past present and future. If you are missing your current figures instruction guide, you will have access to all our instructions so you never have to question if you are transforming your figure correctly. Some items will even have a video available for those more challenging transformations.

You can use the following instruction images to see exactly how the app works and all of its features.

(EN V2)Tutorial P1

Your Product Line Up page – this page lists all of the current MakeToys offerings. You can select any of the items by touching the image of the figure you wish to see.
• Share this page on your social media by using the share button
• You can go directly to the MakeToys webpage using your phone’s browser by using the MT button
• The menu button will bring you back to the main menu of the MakeToys App

(EN V2)Tutorial P2

Main Menu – Here you can go to the different parts of the MakeToys app.
• Share the app on your social media by using the share button
• You can receive notification when there are news alerts. Use the News Alert ON/OFF button to choose if you want to receive notifications.
• Visit our own Social Media Pages – Facebook, Twitter and Weibo are all just a click away.
• You can hide the Main Menu tab by sliding it back to the right of the app.

(EN V2)Tutorial P3

Product Info Page – here you will be able to access information regarding a particular figure.
• Instruction manual will bring you to a file showing the instructions for this particular figure.
• If there is an instructional video that has been prepared for this figure, it will be accessible by using the Video button.

(EN V2)Tutorial P4

Product Pictures page – each of the pictures from the Product Info page are clickable and when you do you are brought to a picture page.
• Use the back button or the space bar to go back to the Product Info page.
• Your fingers can pinch or spread to zoom in and out on the image allowing you to see all the extra details.