“Make Our Own Toys”

The story of Maketoys started in the budding age of independent toy development. On 11 Oct 2010, Maketoys designers drafted the sketch of their first add-on kit, the Battle Tanker. A prototype was crafted soon afterward. Without knowing the feasibility of an add-on project, Maketoys decided to test their capability by developing a little simpler project – two microbots. Hover and Bomber were born, both with simple transformations and limited articulation.

The Battle Tanker turned out to be a great success! With experience and technical know how now acquired, Maketoys stepped up their designs and attempted to produce their first combining figure, Giant! Giant Type 61 was then released in June 2012. Since then, great details, clever transformations and high stability of our combined figures have become the key signatures of Maketoys’ products.

We here at Maketoys want to show that we will continue to listen to the fans. As the community continues to request things like articulation, complex transformations, perfect alt modes and top of the line manufacturing, we feel that we will continue to provide these attributes as our priorities. We will continue hear your wants, desires and dreams and we want to make those thoughts into reality.


For any enquiry, contact us: info@maketoys.jp